The website is the property of THEDA MAR SA, registered with the Trade Register under the number J23/ 1846/2009 and sole registration code C.U.I. RO 6243289.

According to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016 on the protection of natural persons on the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data, the administrator of the site assumes the obligation to administer in a safe manner and only for the purposes specified below, the personal data you provide us as a user/ visitor of the site.

Filling in the forms on this site – contact form, subscribing to the newsletter and similar ones for which you can opt – is equivalent to your express and unequivocal acceptance for including the data provided in the THEDA MAR SA database and for their use and processing. The processing of the data provided by you may be performed by third parties only when the services requested by you require their collaboration with THEDA MAR SA. In this situation, you will be notified in writing of the conclusion of the respective collaboration and you will be expressly asked for the written agreement.

The legislation in force regarding the protection of personal data gives you:
– the right to information, according to the law on the processing of personal data;
– the right of access to the browsed data, free of charge for one request per year, by a written request, dated and signed, scanned and transmitted electronically from – – the email address provided by you in the contact form. In this request, please specify the information you want to find and the way in which they will be communicated (by e-mail, or to a specific address through a correspondence service to ensure that the delivery will be done personally);
– the right to update the data provided (rectification or completion, as the case may be) so that they reflect the reality and will not cause you any harm;
– the right to “be forgotten”, respectively that your data will be deleted from the THEDA MAR SA database, at your request, whenever you consider that they are used for illegitimate purposes, if they have reached their purpose for which they were collected or if you are no longer interested in receiving information from us;
– the right not to agree with your personal data being stored, processed and used for purposes other than those mentioned in this document;
– the right of restriction, respectively you have the right to be informed if your personal data is to be transmitted to a third party and not to agree it if you do not agree with this;
– the right to data portability, respectively the transmission, if any, of them to another data operator, without financial obligations on your part, in a correct and universally compatible format from a technical point of view;
– the right not to be subject to a unilateral decision regarding the use of these data, other than those stated in this document, without being informed and without being asked for consent;
– the right to complain to the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data (ANSPDCP) or to address to other competent bodies in the field.

In order to comply with these legal provisions, THEDA MAR SA is designated to manage all data and information received from its visitors. In case you want details about the information you have provided to us and which, therefore, we hold about you, please contact us by filling in the online form on the site or directly at the email address dpo@thedamar. ro.

By filling in the registration form on, as a user / visitor you declare that you give your consent, expressly and unequivocally, that your personal data will be processed and used for the following activities carried out by THEDA MAR to:
– establishing contact with the users / visitors of the site to provide the information or services requested by them;
– processing requests from users / visitors of the site;
– sending information to the users / visitors of the site regarding the status of their requests;
– sending non-commercial or administrative messages regarding changes in the site, the user account and others of this type;
– sending offers, promotions, advertising and marketing messages regarding strictly the commercial activity (without abusing them);
– requesting information from the users / visitors of the site regarding the evaluation of the products and services offered;
– information on the evolution of the requests received from you;
– subscription to the newsletter

The personal data that can be requested are, usually, the first and last name and an e-mail address. At the request of a particular service, it may be necessary to provide other types of personal data (as the case may be, for example: personal numeric code – PIN, date and place of birth, address of residence / residence, address of the company headquarters you represent, the data related to the identification and contact of this company, data related to the personal bank account or to the company for completing the invoices necessary for the payment of a service, etc.). In these situations, if you intervene during the collaboration changes of the data provided, please inform us as soon as possible, these changes may be liable to affect the legal documents for the respective collaboration.

In any of the aforementioned situations, by providing the requested data you will give the unconditional agreement for their use for the purpose for which they are requested. Depending on the type of personal data collected, they are stored in the server’s database for the entire period necessary for the purposes mentioned in this document or, specifically, during the provision of a requested service.

Access to the website allows direct interaction with a number of social networks or external platforms. The interaction mode and the information provided to them through this website are always subject to the privacy and protection policies of personal data of each social network and external platforms. Thus:
– The LinkedIn social network uses cookies, contact details and specific information – details at
– The Facebook social network uses cookies, contact details and specific information – details at
– The social network Twitter uses cookies, contact details and specific information – details at

This type of service could continue to collect traffic data for the pages where the service is installed, even when the users do not use it.

The refusal to provide this data arises the impossibility of THEDA MAR SA to process the requests or to send you the information you need, because one of the essential conditions, namely the identity of the parties, will be missing.

THEDA MAR SA, as administrator of the website, you will not request by any means of communication (telephone, e-mail, etc.) confidential information such as data on the status of bank accounts, personal passwords, or other data of this type. If, as a user / visitor of the site, you personally disclose them to third parties, you take full responsibility for your actions. In such cases, the disclosure of such data by you, THEDA MAR SA is not responsible for any damage.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data of this website, do not hesitate to contact us through the online contact form, or at the email address: