About Us

After 25 years of constantly growing activity, Titan Mar, the undisputed leader of the national natural stone market, ended a rebranding process completed by changing its name to THEDA MAR. The new company name – aimed at strengthening the brand image in the context of diversification of activity, by entering into the real estate market as well – is however defined by the same values that have ensured the company’s success – professionalism, quality, trust, responsibility, tradition and innovation.
Founded in 1994, in 1997 THEDA MAR integrated Marmosim SA Simeria – the most important producer of natural stone in Romania, with a tradition of over 80 years, together ending up dominating the national market of natural stone finishes for construction and exterior design.
THEDA MAR creates high-end residential projects – where natural stone sketches artistic sense and attention to details, up to the most extensive and complex works, which require with a wide range of resources.